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Service access and all data related to WebsiteAlive will no longer be available. To upgrade to our new platform (at no additional cost), Alive5, please follow the steps below. If you need assistance, please reach us at

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Migration Overview

Alive5 Solution Overview

"We use alive5 to communicate to candidates, employees and future prospects who are looking to partner with Doherty and Dahl. We currently are only using the chatbot for both companies. The chatbot allows us to answers questions prior to the candidate/employees reaching our live agents which in turn saves them time so they can work on sourcing candidates rather than answering questions.

The overall feel of the Chabot is amazing and I don’t know if there is just one feature that I can choose!

The support team, especially Michele have been absolutely amazing. Anytime I have a question or something is not working as expected, she’s on it right away. When I’ve reached out to support, I have the same experience."

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Start the Migration Process

High level overview of the core steps to get you going from zero to 100% migrated to Alive5.

1. Create Alive5 Account

The first step is create your Alive5 account. You will need to use brand new credentials (new Admin/Operator logins) as no data will be linked from WebsiteAlive to Alive5.

2. Do It Yourself Tasks

Follow the step by step "Migration Videos" below. This will help speed up your migration, but you can also allow our staff to help skip this and go to step 3.

3. Book a Zoom Meeting

Here's where our staff can look at your specific account and answer any questions you may have - and get you ready for Go Live.

4. Training and Launch!

The Alive5 interface is very similar to WebsiteAlive - and may even be simpler. Going live is easy, just have your Agents log in and start taking chats after you've updated your website.

Migration Videos

Creating Your Alive5 Account

Creating Users (Admins/Agents)

Setting Up Channels

Create Chat Widget for Your Site

How to do a Test Chat

Adding FAQs/Hotkeys

Creating a Chatbot (Bot Flow)

Customizing Chat Window

Creating Tags

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to migrate?

  • Alive5 is our next-generation platform built on the latest technologies, ensuring the highest performance, reliability, security (Alive5 is SOC2 compliant), and user experience for the future. Read more:
  • Consolidating and streamlining platforms will allow our organization to accelerate development of new features.
  • The WebsiteAlive technology platform will no longer be supported by our datacenter next year.

Will WebsiteAlive/AliveChat be operational on January 1st, 2022?

  • No, all WebsiteAlive/AliveChat services will be shut down after December 31st, 2021, 11:59PM.

What are the differences between WebsiteAlive and Alive5?

Will I be able to access previous chat transcripts from WebsiteAlive/AliveChat while I am using Alive5?

  • You will be able to access both platforms up until the last day of 2021, in which WebsiteAlive/AliveChat services will then no longer be available. Be sure to export your data via CSV downloads or API access before then.

Will any Operator, Administrator, Hotkeys, Chat Labels and Data be transferable to Alive5?

  • No, it’s a fresh start - everything will need to be set up from the ground up in Alive5.

How will migration work? Is there downtime?

  • The first step is to transfer the Operators, Departments, and Chat Window design to the new system. The second step is to log into the new platform and take chats. For updating the chat code on your website, you’ll need to update the “WebsiteAlive Tracking Code” with “Alive5 Widget Code”. Both are similar in structure (Javascript snippet).

How will billing work? Do I have to set up everything again?

  • Nothing changes with the billing - you'll continue to pay your bill as normal. If you decide to upgrade or downgrade your account, you'll just add more or less costs proportional to your current WebsiteAlive license. For example, if you have 10 WebsiteAlive Operator licenses, you will have 10 Agent licenses in Alive5.

What changes do I need to make for my website?

  • You will need to update your website HTML with the new Alive5 Widget JS/HTML code. Any previous AliveTracker code or links to WebsiteAlive will need to be removed completely.

Do we need to install new software?

  • The core requirement to use Alive5 is a modern web browser such as Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox, or Safari. Alive5 also offers mobile apps on Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.
  • Optionally, Alive5 offers a downloadable desktop application for Windows (and coming soon, Macs)
  • More details:

How will previous AliveChat Operators access Alive5?

  • New Alive5 Admin and Agent accounts will need to be created in Alive5. There is no transfer of users from WebsiteAlive to Alive5, so all logins must be recreated in Alive5.

Will the migration take place at once?

  • You can migrate all Operators at once to Alive5 by simply switching out the WebsiteAlive AliveTracker code with Alive5 Widget code on your website and have your team log into Alive5 to take chats. If you have multiple websites, departments and teams, you can migrate at different times, it’s up to you.

Do I have to retrain my agents and admins?

  • There is minimal retraining of your staff to use the new Alive5 system as it's built with even more simplicity in mind, and a lot of the workflows are based on AliveChat. Essentially it's a simpler version of AliveChat, but with more functionality and expandability.

What if I need a feature that is not in Alive5?

Will Alive5 be WCAG Compliant?

  • Currently, Alive5 is not WCAG Compliant, but we will be offering a separate, WCAG compliant version of Alive5 in October 2021. If you require WCAG compliance, don’t hesitate to start testing on the current Alive5 platform, which can help prepare you for the release of the WCAG version.

Feature Translations

Departments = Channels

  • Department names no longer have to be visible to chat visitors due to smart routing through bot flows. You can create multiple choice Questions that route to Agent bots with those specific channels. If you have more than one Channel selected in the agent bot, then the Channel names will display for the visitor to select which department they want to connect to.

Operators = Users

  • Set up new credentials for all users to manage their own passwords. The users will receive an invitation from alive5 to the email you use to create their profile. From that invitation, they will create their password and log in. Operators must be added from the direct account. They cannot go to the website and create their own account.

Websites, Code & Customize = Widgets

  • Create your new & improved window design and upload your chat button. The new coding to add to your website will be located here in The Code tab. If you are using a static image hosted on your website, you will use the short link here as the on-click action. Save the widget by closing out and then open again by clicking Details to access the short link. The short link is also how you can test out chats once you've created your Bot Flow

Info/Information Capture = Bots

  • Use the bot section to build your chat flow and determine which visitors connect to agents. This is where you determine what questions the visitor will answer before connecting to an agent. We have templates you can use to start this process. The Support basic Live Chat template is likely fairly similar to what you have set up in your AliveChat account. This is a great template to start editing from.

Hotkeys = FAQs

  • Add preset messages, links, and images for your team to access and quickly send out during live chats. FAQs make chats more efficient and cut down on typos or other errors. This is a great way to ensure your team is sending out cohesive information as well.

Chat Labels = Tags

  • Chat labels where you used to designate a disposition at the end of the chat or to escalate the transcript to an email address. Tags are used in the same way but you can now select more than one on a conversation and view reporting around these. These can now be changed after the chat has ended.