Live chat for your website

Engage Visitors Online Like You Would In Person

Give Your Customers the Attention They Need

  • Don’t let prospects slip away because they didn't get the right attention.
  • Never put another customer on hold or lose them to phone tree frustration.
  • When agents are offline, turn a chat into a live messaging system with AliveMessage.

Turn Service and Sales Agents Into Superstars

  • User-friendly chat interface supports up to 20 multiple chats, tab-enabled for better efficiency.
  • Internal Operator Chat gives your agents a private chat room to collaborate and ask questions of each other and features easy screen sharing and chat transfer between reps.
  • Multiple departments make assigning the right operators fast and easy.

Our Chat, Your Brand

Reflect the visual brand your customers already know and love.

Customizable features create a seamless online experience.

Customize without coding with our easy-to-use user-interface editor.

Metrics and Reporting Build In Continuous Improvement

Real-time reporting tools give you valuable metrics on chat trends, site traffic and surveys.

Live Site Monitor provides real-time information on visitors as they browse.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Easy setup and customization gets you up and running quickly with no programming knowledge needed.

Branding integration ensures your look and feel throughout the online experience.

Mobile & Device Ready

It's a mobile world and we've got the apps, programs and add-ons for you! WebsiteAlive supports Android & iOS Apps, Google Chrome Extensions and Mac & PC Desktop applications.