AliveChat Features

A simple and powerful toolset

The Visitor Experience

Customizable Chat Windows

  • Multiple Window Launch Options - chat button, link to chat, embedded icon, proactive pop ups. Perfect for emails & tweets.
  • Marketing Opt-In - require additional information before chatting.
  • Integrate Variables & Contextual Data into the Chat - can automatically pass the email/username/phone variables into.

Multiple Triggers can be created for any web properties. A/B test to see which campaigns are most effective.

Triggers & Automated Messages

  • Create Pop-Ups that appear automatically based on rules.
  • Triggers include URL match, pages visited, time delay.
  • Send to specific Departments and use specific routing rules.

What Your Agents See

Agent Experience

  • Simple, Intuitive Interface Reduces Training Time.
  • Cloud/Browser-Based Login with optional Windows and Mac Desktop Download.
  • Visual Notifications on Desktop & Sound Alerts for Incoming Requests.
Agent Experience

Minimal requirements and training for Agents make it easy to deploy live help.

AliveChat Works in Your Favorite
Browser and Device

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Agent Productivity Features

Quicker Response with Less Effort

Agent Productivity Features

Agents can easily access knowledgebase during chats or answering emails.

Agent Knowledgebase

  • Programmable Phrases used by Agents During Chat.
  • Send Text, Images, and Web Links.
  • Quickly Respond to Customers With Minimal Typing.
  • Fast Search to Find Desired Answers.

AliveMessage for Email Management

Email Management

An integrated “Offline Messages” system allows chatting/idle or non-chatting Agents to respond to customers.

Email Management Made Easy

  • Messages Saved in “Inbox” mode when no Agents available to chat.
  • Agents send replies which reach Visitors’ emails.
  • Visitors view and respond to replies right back into Agent Console.

Management Features

Management Features

Reports can be run by data range and downloadable into .CSV files. APIs also available for your developers to build custom reports.

Reporting for Admins

Robust Reporting for Call Center Insights:
  • Chat Transcripts - View each chat conversation.
  • Performance - Statistics for chats taken over a period.
  • Log in Summary - Sum of all hours logged in for a specific Agent.