How Denman Int'l. Uses AliveConcierge Agents to Help Customers Around the World Find the Perfect Luxury Brush


When top stylists are looking for top-quality brushes and supplies, they go to Denman International, a U.K.-based company with a U.S. office in Medford, Mass. Denman supplies professional hairbrushes and accessories to 60 countries worldwide, and is known as “The Hairdressers’ Hairbrush.” One of the best brush brands in the world, it caters especially to salons and professional hairdressers. Like so many top companies that focus on quality and customer service, Denman has chosen WebsiteAlive as its online communications partner. Denman didn’t want to just provide generic chat windows and one-size-fits-all services, but instead tailor online communication services to reinforce their brand identities and help provide outstanding customer service at all times.

For the Denman website (, WebsiteAlive designed a chat portal where subject-matter experts are available to answer site visitors’ questions. Other online chat companies might offer a chat window where there’s not always someone there to answer, or where chat sessions are conducted by entry-level operators overseas. This is completely different: by deploying its AliveChat and AliveConcierge products and providing additional customization, WebsiteAlive gives Denman customers access to a live expert, 24/7.

As Philip Steele, Denman’s Managing Director, said:

To our knowledge, we are the first brush company to offer an online chat facility on our website, This facility enables us to engage directly with visitors to our site, help them select which Denman product is best suited to their needs, and improve the overall visitor experience. It is an excellent feature that helps us connect with the end user of our products.


Denman use several customizable AliveChat features to offer hairdressers a personal journey to find their perfect brush.


Proactive Popups

Catch your visitor's attention at the right time


Embedded Icons

Get high visibility of the chat agent's availability


AliveTracker Code

Understand your customers by their actions


Chat Labels

Categorize your chats for your sales team's benefit