How the Atlanta Falcons Use AliveConcierge Agents to Target Customers With Their Ideal Ticket Package


The Falcons have been to 2 Super Bowls, 6 division championships, and produced 7 Hall-of-Famers. They’re valued at nearly $1.7 billion, with $303 million in revenue and $57 million in gate receipts generated in 2015.

WebsiteAlive's AliveConcierge agents have helped the storied NFL franchise enhance their ticket sales even more, through automating instant answers and receiving essential information about fans’ ticket needs. As Warren Parr, Director of Sales, says, "Before the concierge service our email inbox would often be flooded with generic questions like, when are tickets being mailed out, how can I purchase single game parking, does a 2-year old need a ticket, or how can I purchase single game tickets. With the Concierge answering these common questions for us, it lessens the time it takes to clear out our email inbox and provides an instant answer to the customer. The Concierge will also capture contact information of those customers that are interested in specific ticket packages that our reps are able to follow up with the next day."

Parr goes on to say:

WebsiteAlive has been tremendous in our ability to effectively communicate with customers not only during office hours, but also after office hours with their Concierge services. Our sales reps are quite often able to convert a live chat conversation into a real phone conversation and close business regularly. In addition, the Concierge service has been a very effective customer service tool helping to accurately answer common questions by fans outside of office hours.


The Atlanta Falcons use several customizable AliveChat features to offer their fans instant customer service.



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