Introducing Chatbots!

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Your visitors can now interact instantly with an automated, 24/7 chatbot to get answers while your agents are away. Integrates with AliveChat so a chatbot session can be routed and escalated to any logged in AliveChat Operator.

Interactive Demo

Story Bots: Every organization has a great story. Tell it with interactive media such as embedded videos, memes, and social links.

For Prospects: "Choose your own Adventure" flow to navigate through a journey you can map out for the Visitor.

Human Escalation: If the chatbot doesn't provide answers, Visitors can connect to your live human agent.

"69% of people prefer Chatbots to connect to Brands"

Chatbots vs. Apps

Which of these benefits do you most associate with communiction with businesses?

source: Salesforce

Chatbot Benefits

Get quick answers to simple questions that normally would require a phone call or human chat, which creates unnecessary hold times.

Unbiased Answers - for example, a human may not know the answer, provide an incorrect answer, or just be biased towards their own beliefs of the right path or answer.

Bots Don’t Judge - people can interact or ask questions freely without any social pressure such as asking "a dumb question".

Business Owner Benefits

Reduce Chat and Phone Calls

Reduce Agent Staffing and Licenses

Automate Lead Generation

Book Meetings & Demos by Integrating with Apps like Calendly

Analytics help you Discover what people are asking for

Saves time and staffing costs